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Sydney Karaoke Party Hire has, we believe, the only truly portable system that can be used on buses, trains, planes, boats.

The portable karaoke system consists of a battery operated PA system with a wireless microphone and battery powered laptop.

Typically the system will work on its own power for approxiamately 3 to 4 hours.

To make your party stay a little organised, ask about our "FREE song request print out" for your party. It means singers can fill out the form and the operator can easily manage the playlist for the trip.

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What others say about our equipment and service
We had so much trouble trying to have the bus company arrange a special bus and they told us about karaoke party hire. Suddenly all our problems were sold. We also plugged our iPod into the system, which meant we could take a break from singing when we wanted to.
Definitely recommend to friend - Sarah, Hunters Hill


Sydney's only truly portable karaoke hire company.


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