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Jukebox sales in Sydney.
We have spent the last six months preparing Australia's first "happy days" jukebox with state-of-the-art internal technology. The jukebox is a digital system controlled by a touchscreen giving you access to hundreds of the latest songs, as well as classic rock songs.

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Looking to buy-a-jukebox? Take a trip back in time while enjoying superior contemporary quality, back to the fifties, with polka dot dresses and smooth leather jackets.

Most people like to reminisce about the past, especially the fifties, Elvis, big flashy cars with wings and the ‘Happy Days’ era. The machine that welded all this together was the classic Jukebox. There were several bands and most found in a milk bar required you to ‘drop the coin into the slot’.

We love that whole experience so have taken a contemporary build with the Retro Jukebox and rebuilt it from the bottom up. This means it is digital, so mechanically it will not jam or refuse to play your important songs. It also means you can control the system with a touch of the screen and you will recognise the Google style layout. We have reduced the weight from the old 120 kilograms plus, to approximately 15 kilograms, so you can move it about and even transport it in an average car, if needed.

Your choice of music is dictated by the 4,000 songs already inside the machine. However, when you purchase one of our Retro Jukeboxes, you will be given instruction on how to add any song you wish.

And finally the power. All of our machines come with speakers from 150 watts up to a massive 1,000 watts, enough to fill a small hall.

The truth is that there are quite a few things which are going to get the party started and power-kicked more than an old-timer Jukebox. That’s right – that machine that we now only see in movies – the one that requires a coin to start playing some of the most iconic hits right away. If you are struggling with finding a way to bring in something different in your venue, you’ve most certainly stumbled upon the right place.

Why buy-a-Jukebox?
Why not? That’s more likely to be the right question to ask. Buy-a-jukebox and enjoy your prized possession in your favourite part of your house or venue – something you can own with pride and show off to all who visit. Of course, the jukeboxes that we’ve spent the last half year developing, are far from being as primitive as they were way-back-then, though they do bring that nostalgic feel to any room.

Contemporary Features Wrapped in a Great Design You will enjoy that retro feeling in combination with state of the art internal perks and contemporary technology. Your Retro Jukebox will be able to store well in excess of the 4,000 different songs already provided, in fact you can store over 100, 000 songs in sound quality, ensuring the best music is always playing.

Your product will have a comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use touch screen, which will allow you or your customers, to easily navigate to the desired song. The setup is very intuitive and easy to use, and it’s something that requires absolutely no computer literacy.

Furthermore, we have certainly enhanced the overall apparel of the jukebox. With contemporary notches every here and there, the device is going to perfectly complement your venue, making it stand out as a real talking point, even when it’s not turned on.

It’s curious how something so simple could bring so much pleasure to both the mature members of society, yet equally an instant amazement to young teens and early twenty year olds.

Not only are you introducing a convenient party-starter, you are also taking care of your choice of music.

It might not seem like a big deal, but in the time of social media and mobile devices, a quick reference to the past might be the kick your home or venue needs to become the best spot in town.

Instead of playing on their smart phones and tablets, your guests will have the actual chance to, well; have fun – something which is priceless.

Ready to Buy-a-jukebox, we are the only manufacturer of this version of the bad boy Retro Jukebox in Australia, so make sure you call us to secure a rare beauty in the modern Retro Jukebox. new copy from fiverr-end

All our units are built by hand and reliable for every day use
What others say about our jukeboxes
We could not find any other company in Sydney that had this old fashioned look. Extremely reliable machine and friendly staff. Plugging our iPod into the system made it even better.

Definitely recommend. Great product - Ian, Church Point


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