Top 100 Australian Hits (2011)


Popular Karaoke Songs, 2011

Looking to sing any of the top hits of 2011. We have selected many of the songs of this decade so you can enjoy them once again, only this time you and your friends will have the opportunity to sing them. Most of these hits will be found on the Karaoke Party Hire songbook.
  1. Firework, Katy Perry – in and out in less than three weeks
  2. Grenade, Bruno Mars sat in the charts for four weeks
  3. Rolling in the deep, Adele – enjoyed success at number one for seven weeks.
  4. Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and Goon Rock – who wasn’t hitting the dance floor with this energetic track (six weeks as number 1)
  5. Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5 feat. Christine Aguilera – only four weeks as number one, but that was an exhausting month while everyone tried to keep up with the groove.
  6. Someone Like You, Adele – again Adele took over our lives, even got the oldies singing along with the lyrics. This was definitely the year Adele could do no wrong as far as the UK and Australia were concerned.
  7. We Found Love, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris. Finally a groove that didn’t leave you drenched on the dance floor. Though we did give it the praise and leave it for eight weeks as number one.
Above are just the number one hits we chose for the year of 2011. However we have many of the other great songs of this year. And don’t forget if your favourite song of this year didn’t make it to number one, there is a very good chance it reached in the top 10 hits for the year. A quick scan through our karaoke song book will find most of the popular songs of this year.

Are there any favourite songs of the year 2011 we missed? Ask us when your booking your karaoke party and we’ll try our best to add them.

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