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By Paul J Shaw

Every year, your birthday comes around, you go to a restaurant with friends. The cost of presents,  birthday cake, food and drink will see a few hundred dollars easily vanish into thin are. Six months later you will struggle to remember your party.

A karaoke night for your birthday and the entire landscape changes.  No matter how good or bad individuals perform, everyone will remember this night. And, there is the opportunity for you to shine, it is your party after all.

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The karaoke machine you hire will provide entertainment for hours.  You can split the night up with individuals or groups singing or elect to have singers choose an era, eg. the 70's. Groups can compete and you can arrange a score card for each groups or individuals.

Did you know singing releases endorphins into the body, sometimes referred to as "happy hormones". That's why they make you feel good. Add a large portion of giggling and laughter and just a sniff of alcohol and you have the perfect recipe for success.

So how to plan your perfect karaoke party.

  • Buying a karaoke machine is not really an option, the most expensive part of the system, excluding costly speakers and amplifier is the purchase of karaoke songs. For a system of 2,000 songs, this will cost you a minimum of $5,000.
  • Hiring a karaoke machine will typically cost around $300 per night for a good system with both classic songs as well as modern teen songs.
  • Adding all the trimmings can be fun, wireless mikes, laser lights, frozen cocktail machine, bubble machine, smoke machines, party wigs and so on. If you are adding any or all of these, ask for a package deal.
  • The ultimate party starter is the inclusion of a professional DJ.  It will be his or her responsibility to, as suggested by P!nk "get this party started" (and to keep it humming along).  Apart from the added cost of the DJ, it will guarantee you a worry free night, so you get to enjoy the night, without having to select songs or worry about getting people up singing.
Food, keep it simple, but keep it coming.

Drinks, it is important to buy fruit juice and soft drinks for those who don't want to drink alcohol. Regarding alcohol, buy good quality popular beer and wine. Opting for cheap beer and low quality wine, will not prove popular. Provide plenty of bottled water to soothe those vocal cords and where possible, prevent massive amounts of alcohol to be consumed.

As soon as your karaoke machine arrives, test it, then put it to bed and attach your iPod.  With all your songs prepared earlier, your iPod (or poor man's jukebox), will set the mood of the night.  When the crowd is finally baying for blood, let them loose on the karaoke machine and "Rock On"!

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