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How to Plan The Ultimate Karaoke Party

Karaoke Tips will help you get ready to celebrate Christmas, karaoke style.

We have developed a video to explain some great tips on how best to launch your party and run it successfully.


Below is the transcript of the video above.

Do you want your next party to be a huge success?

Wouldn't, you love to have your friends talk about your party for the next few months for all the right reasons

I've been renting jukebox and karaoke machines to hundreds of mums and dads and the big end of town and there's three tricks that the best parties all use In the next minute or so I'll tell you each one of those tricks.

My name is Paul Shaw, owner of Karaoke Party Hire. I've been running successful karaoke parties for the past seven years. I have seen so many people throw the party of their lives using karaoke.

Decide if you're going to have a theme or not. If you are, get yourself and all your friends, a wig, or if you really want to take the party to that absolute next level rent the costumes get Abba, Kiss, really go all the way, it'll take your party to a new level.

As soon as you get hold of the karaoke songbook, send it out to all of your friends so that they can look through all the songs and get an idea of their favourite songs. Get them involved.

Third trick, as soon as your friends get to the party, don't ask them, tell them, they'll be first, second, third singer etc. Once you've got those first three singers on stage the party will gain momentum and the party will take off.

You think those three tips will make your party awesome?

Well I've got another five that or even better, so click the link so you can get access to those other five tips and make your party a night to remember - for all the right reasons  

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