Karaoke Hire DIY (Do It Yourself)

By choosing the budget karaoke system, all you need to do is arrange a pick up time and return time.

With a DIY package you save money and get the opportunity to spend more on the other goodies you need for your package

Upon arrival at your designated pick up time we will set up the system while explaining what-goes-where. You are actively encouraged to take as many photos as you think necessary. Your photos will act as a quick guide to how your karaoke set up should look.

Once setup at our factory, we will explain the two parts to the system.

The first part of the karaoke set up is the karaoke laptop and its connection to the screen or monitor. The cables in this part of the set up include power cord to laptop, VGA cord running from the laptop to the monitor, the sound chord running from the laptop to the speaker via the rca connectors. That’s it you now have a fully functional karaoke system.

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The second part of the karaoke kit involves connecting the singing equipment. The microphone is connected to two microphone cables. The female of the mike is connected via the male of the mike cord and the other end of that cord is connected to the speaker. This is done twice for both microphones. If you are taking mike stands, then the mike sits firmly in the plastic mike holder on top of the mike stand. To raise and lower the mike stand squeeze the trigger while holding the shaft of the stand and it can be raised or lowered according to your needs.

Congratulations, you have now set up your DIY karaoke system. We encourage you to set the system up as soon as you arrive at your party venue, this should give you ample time to call us and we can talk you through anything you were not sure of.

You will be trained on how to care for the equipment and how to set it up to get the best sound.

Below we will take you through a series of videos explaining exactly how to setup the basic karaoke system. You will be shown techniques our roadies use when preparing the equipment and how to pack it all up and put back into your car for safe transportation.

Here is the first of the three videos for setting up your DIY karaoke hire system.

Video 1

Need further instruction see budget karaoke

Video 3

Above is a comprehensive guide for installing the karaoke system from our company Karaoke Party Hire

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