How To Use Karaoke Software


Set Up Connections

Make sure the monitor is connected to the laptop via the white VGA cable, and, check the monitor has the power cord plugged in and the laptop also has power cord plugged in.
Turn on the laptop. You should see the karaoke icon and the recycle bin, while on the separate monitor, you should see no icons.

Open the software

Double click the karaoke icon. You should see the karaoke program on the laptop and a desktop image on the monitor. Words will appear on the monitor after you have added a song and pressed play.

Moving the Mouse

If you move the mouse too far to the right, it will move off the laptop screen and onto the monitor.
If you lose sight of the mouse, repeatedly move your finger across the touchpad from right to left until it again appears on the laptop screen.


If the words are only partially displayed on the monitor, take the mouse and place it anywhere inside the black box showing the words. Double click and the word box will expand to cover the entire monitor screen.

Adding Songs to the Playlist

Click the search button, this will bring up another window, the search display.

Karaoke singer
Figure 1 Search button


Figure 2 Search results and playlist

Select the song you want in the search results, double click and it will be added to the playlist on the left of your screen.
If the search screen gets closed by mistake, again move your mouse to “search button” and click to open.

Removing Songs from the Playlist

Select the song from the playlist, click the delete icon. Only one line at a time can be chosen.

Managing the Playlist

Your system is set to auto, this means at the end of any song, the next song will start playing immediately. This encourages the next singer to approach the microphone for their turn.
Often, the singer may arrive late to the mike and the song has started. Select the restart button or <<  button, this will end the song and start again from the beginning.

Advanced Karaoke Functions

For more advanced features, please ask your delivery person.
How to set up karaoke hardware 



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