Karaoke On Channel 7 Sunrise

Sunrise TV asks " Karaoke Party Hire" for a favour

sunrise team

Sunrise contacted us and asked for a favour, to use our equipment on their morning television show.

In the early morning hours, we pulled up outside the channel 7 studio in the heart of Sydney. After some waiting we were summoned to setup the equipment. And, it wasn't too long and the stars of Sunrise were belting out their karaoke prowess all across Australia.

Why did they choose our company from all the other karaoke competition?

  • We supply the best equipment available

  • We researched the most popular songs of all time and made sure we had those songs on our karaoke song list

  • We paid for all of our songs,that way the artists get paid their royalties

  • We asked people of all ages what their favourite songs were and then added them to our ever growing song list

  • To make the party even better, we added smoke machines & laser lights

  • High net worth individuals and corporates who want the ultimate experience choose us because they understand price is not always the most important criteria

  • Most recently we have added our retro "happy days" jukebox to compliment the overall experience, and, we have reduced the fee for the additional retro jukebox to 50% off when combined with the karaoke hire
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We have been in the industry since 2007, over twelve years and have made changes that have also changed the industry for the better as our competitors attempt to copy us.

All our music is purchased through a registered supplier. The quality of songs is the second to none.

Our staff are constantly researching the most popular and recent songs for teenagers, consequently, we do many teen parties.
We want your party have everyone involved. By adding top 10 songs from the charts means you have an opportunity to encourage the younger members of your party to get involved.

Our latest Upgrades

Four separate wireless mikes $50

  • Upgrade to a total of 2 x 1,000 watt speakers $45
  • Smoke machine $25
  • Bubble machine $25
  • Super Bubble machine $35
  • Laser lights $25
  • Advanced laser light $35
  • Retro (1950's look) jukebox $100*
  • Projector & giant screen $100
  • Connectors to external TV (client to provide TV) $25

Best Karaoke Equipment

Wireless microphones, QSC and Yamaha PA's and speakers, quality Behringer and Shure SM58 microphones. Ask people in the music industry and they will agree, this equipment is as good as it gets.

Rated in the Top 3 Karaoke Hire Companies in Sydney

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