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Hosted Karaoke Party is the preferred choice of most party planners, if they have the luxury of a budget. Once booked, the party should no longer be stressful.

Your appointed KJ, (Karaoke Jockey), will be trained in all aspects of the karaoke system, including song selection, use of microphones, setting the mix of the PA and so on, so you will not be required to learn how to use the system.

Our KJ's will start your party off with a bang, once you both agree "it's time."

Without a KJ, it can be tricky getting the first few up and singing. In fact sometimes even having the first few up, the party can stall. The experience and tools available to your KJ will not allow this problem to present itself..

The only problem you should have with your hosted karaoke party will be you will probably run out of time. When you book with us, please ask us if the KJ appointed to your event, will be able to stay an additional one hour or so, if you need them. Most of our KJ's will, (for an additional fee), stay an extra hour or more. However, it is best to check when booking.

The hosted package will include wireless mikes, a laser light and a smoke machine. The smoke effect really comes into its own, when mixed with the lights, as they create quite a rock star presence. Please be aware if you are booking your karaoke night at a restaurant, RSL or hall. Sometimes there are restrictions to use this equipment, or at worst they are totally banned.

The lights will look fantastic in a darkened area or later in the night. Unfortunately, the lights have little effect on a mid-afternoon event.

If in the extreme situation and your party guests refuse to get up and sing, your guests may have to endure our KJ's repertoire of his/her favourite songs. Typically he/she will produce these in a comic fashion, which normally relaxes the guest into a feeling of renewed confidence.

Given that your budget can accommodate the luxury of a hosted karaoke party, then call now on 0418 11 45 11 and book your event.

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