Budget Karaoke Hire

  • Looking to Hire Karaoke in Sydney?
  • Want to save money and Do It Yourself (DIY)?
  • Need a huge selection of karaoke songs?
Look below to see how to save money with DIY Karaoke.

Budget Karaoke will save you money if you are on a budget. All you have to do as phone and book and we will prepare your system for pick up.

As soon as you arrive, we will start setting up the system as if it was your at your venue. You are welcome to make notes, take pictures and we will take as long as you need to watch the set up.

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By choosing the DIY option you will save up to $100 depending on what extras you book for your event.
This is our budget karaoke system
  • karaoke monitor
  • speaker / amplifier
  • 2 x mikes
  • mike cables
  • digital karaoke machine with thousands of songs

Budget Karaoke System
If your party is on a tight budget, you don't need to spend too much to still have a great karaoke party. Choose the budget karaoke and spend your money on other parts of your party.

What is the difference between the budget package and the gold pack? The budget system means you have to come to our Brookvale office pick up the equipment and return the equipment the following day.  The Gold pack means the system is delivered to you at a time that suits you best, we set up all the equipment, test it and then show you how to use it, And, the speaker is upgraded to 500 watts of power.

The compact system has a 300watt amplifier and speaker so can punch out a powerful sound in a small to medium sized family home.

No matter what system, you rent, Karaoke Party Hire will always take the time to explain how to set up the system and is available for phone support when you take it back and set it up for your party.

For the budget system, we recommend that once you are at your venue, you start it up and test it well before the guests arrive. Give us a call if you're still not sure or having any issues. Our friendly, patient staff are happy to talk you through the process.



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