Looking For The Best Value Karaoke Hire?

Below are pictures of our best value karaoke hire package.
For the best value karaokesystem, we recommend the Gold Pack.

Booking the Gold Pack gives you total peace of mind. Not only do you get everything you need to run your karaoke party, but you also have peace of mind knowing we will deliver your system when you ask us, we will setup the karaoke system and show you how to use it.

Or, if you are an adventurist type of person then perhaps the Budget Pack is your preferred karaoke system.  For as little as $175 to $199 you can call into our factory based in Brookvale, watch how to set up the system then set it up at your venue. The Budget system will be fully explained to you upon pick up. We will also make ourselves available by phone, should you have any issues setting it up or later using the kit.

There is the ultimate Platinum Pack available where we deliver, set up your sound system with all the trimmings and again pick it up the following day.



For those who just want-the-party-to-happen, we have the Hosted booking where we take care of everything. All you need to do is organise the party goers to turn up.

Our DJ’s are fully experienced in getting your guests up singing. There are several techniques we employ to get the party started and these systems have never failed us yet. That is why we are constantly called back to host our client’s parties.

To save a little on the Hosted Pack, there is the option to have our DJ only stay for the first hour and a half. At this stage the party should be well on the way to managing itself and you have got a great discount on our normal DJ Hosted Party. And after you have enjoyed our best value karaoke pack, (the Gold Pack), we will come to your house or business, pack it all up and take it away. That's why the Gold Pack is our most popular, it's worry free partying.  

To book the Best Value karaoke Pack (Gold Pack), click the "Order Now" link below. This will take you to our order form. Or call us direct on 0418 11 45 11 and confirm your booking.

Please do not send us your credit card details, we consider your privacy and your security very important.

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