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You have found yourself at a Karaoke Party, even though you swore after that last soul destroying Karaoke night, you would never, ever, sing in public again. You're lucky because there is only background music at the moment, guests are still arriving.

Let's have a plan of attack. This strategy is ideally suitable for singles wanting to meet other singles or for guests wanting to achieve instant stardom at their karaoke party.

First, you must find the song list as soon as possible. You can get hold of it by stealth, or, you could find its whereabouts and discretely take a copy to a quiet corner of the room.

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Skim through the contents of the song book and find two of your favourite songs. Why two? The first song, you have all intention of hamming up, the second we will discuss shortly. And by the way, find two songs that most people know. Yes, you will deliberately destroy this song and though everyone will think you are a bad singer, you might for the rest of your life, never have so much compassion as the courageous guy who went first at the "Karaoke night".

Your next strategy is to put your name down as one of the first singers, ideally number one or two. Most people at a karaoke event are frozen in fear, worrying they might be forced to be one of the first tortured souls to sing in front of the crowd.

When you get up to sing everyone is totally drawn to your performance, so long as you ham it up, there will be howls of laughter, squeals of delight and / or compassion or empathy from your attentive audience.

After your effort you must remain humble, everyone will want to come up and congratulate you on your courage, for being one of the first to get up.

And the second song you chose earlier; now is the time to give the crowd your best effort. At this stage of the party, most people will have forgotten just how bad you were before, so any improvement will be appreciated. You will either have the same admirers or even new "groupies", who will come up and commend you on your ongoing courage and comment, "Hey, you've actually got quite a good voice!"

Two moments of intense stardom and popularity in one night, can seldom be achieved by professionals.

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By Paul J Shaw

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