Karaoke Packages

Hiring a karaoke from us is as simple as 1,2,3.

You need to decide on the package that best suits you.

The Budget Karaoke System is a Do It Yourself (DIY) rental that requires picking up from Brookvale and returning to our showroom. This low cost solution gives party organisers the opportunity to rent a karaoke system for a heavily discounted price.

The budget system requires some knowledge of using sound systems. However, when you arrive to pick up the system, you will receive a full hands-on training on how to setup and use it.

It is recommended to bring a phone with camera facilities or a separate camera to take several photos of the setup and wiring.

Our friendly staff will not leave you until they are sure you are comfortable using the three button karaoke system

With all packages you receive complete telephone support.
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The most common request is the Gold Pack, this is similar to the budget pack, however there are a couple of important upgrades included: Delivery

  • Complete setup and testing of all equipment
  • Full training on use of microphones and karaoke laptop
  • More powerful speaker 1,000 Watts
  • Sound check
  • Pick up the following day

In addition to the Budget you will also have all the equipment delivered to you at a time that suits you best. The entire set up is connected and tested with a sound check and a complete explanation on how to best use the karaoke.

The Platinum Pack includes same as the Gold Pack with all the trimmings. You will be upgraded to

  • wireless microphones
  • a smoke machine
  • laser light
  • 1,000 watts speaker

And, if that is still not enough you can upgrade to the Retro Jukebox. The Retro is a digital system with touch screen and over 4,000 songs ranging from the fifties to the latest top 40 songs. The changing colours of the Jukebox really set your party apart from most other parties you and your friends have enjoyed.

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